Monday, June 11, 2012

Prompt #21: On an empty page of a journal cover every inch of the paper with the first word that comes into your head.

 A bit cliche but I think it is so important and a big part of my life, so like the song "Nothing but Love, love, love!!"

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The lighter side of travel- A warning

The great Faux Pas of China.
1. Spitting- they spit where they want, whenever they want. Inside and out. Check the direction of the wind before standing behind somebody.
2. Apartment plumbing is medieval and is a system all of its own. Beware.
3. There is no such thing as a rubbish bin, they throw it anywhere.
4. Traffic lights and laws are purely just a guideline. So beware when crossing the road at all times.
5. There is no such thing as queuing, especially outdoors, they like to push and shove and be first for everything.
6. The roads are subjected to organised chaos. Don't be surprised if you are being driven on the wrong side of the road with oncoming traffic heading straight at you.
7. Chinese love to smoke, everywhere. if cigarette tossing was an olympic sport the Chinese would win Gold everytime.
8.Nose picking is rampant and done by all. Anywhere.
9. They like to slurp their food and make as much noise as possible while eating.
10. Shop assistants in any store will follow you around until you buy something or leave. Just ignore them.
11. Most foods in supermarkets are not labelled. Prepare to get experimental.
12. There is no such thing as punctuality. They arrive when they think it is a good time.
13. Most hairdressers are male, and totally camp.
14. Young children (and some adults) go to the toilet in really public places.
15. Avoid public toilets where possible. they are generally just a hole in the ground with no privacy (everyone can see what you are doing). They seem to have really bad aim too.
16. Don't drink tap water. Just don't.
 (This is borrowed from a friends travel journal of her experiences while living in China) 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Prompt #20: Make something you can keep in your purse, or the palm of your hand that reminds you of who you are.

This isn't exactly an answer to the challenge or I guess you could say I have taken it a step further. I literally carry my reminders on my skin.
 This is my reminder of who I am, where I came from and who I am connected to. It is one of three very unique tatoo's I have that all have a story and symbols that go with them.

Prompt #19: Walk out of a door. Take ten steps to the right. Snap a photo.

 This is a patch of the early winter glory that is my garden (or at least a part of it). There are mostly greens, browns and reddy orange colored growth in this patch, but I look forward to the spring growth of bright greens, yellows and blues.

Prompt #18: Write a love letter to yourself.

Dear Tegan

There are so many things about you that are special; your sense of humor, your kindness, your thoughtfulness, your optimism….I could go on. I know it is not always easy for you to recognize these things in yourself or to generally see how talented you are, but that is what your friends are family are there for. I know it is also not always easy to cope with what life sends you; the challenges of your health and the other things that fall apart or don’t happen because of that. But I need to remind you that you ARE strong, resilient and positive, you are here on this earth for a reason. You are here to love. To love yourself as deeply and wholeheartedly as possible, so that you can learn and embrace who you are. Then you can go out and share that love with the world, as I know you are driven to do.

Keep engaging with the things you are passionate about, and spending time with the people who encourage, excite and stimulate you. Make your life as rich and full as you can. That way you will be following your dream and being true to yourself. Don’t let those doubting thoughts and dark shadows sabotage the light within you. That light is your spirit and it is what other are drawn to so the more light you shine out the better.

Care for every aspect of yourself as you would for someone else, take your own medicine. Remember, “I love myself, I am special and I am a being of light”.

Shine on. Love and blessings.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Prompt #17: What would be the soundtrack to your life and why?

1. Circle of Life- Elton John
2. Courage Is- The Strange Familiar
3. Brown Eyed Girl- Van Morrison
4. Morning town Ride- The Seekers
5. Wannabe- Spice Girls
6. Heal the World- Michael Jackson
7. Black or White- Michael Jackson
 8. A Thousand Years- Christina Perri
9. I want to Hold your Hand- Glee version
10. Somewhere only we know- Glee version
11. We are Young-  Fun
12. Lets twist again- Chubby Checker
13. Where is the Love?- Black eyed peas
14. Welcome Home- Dave Dobbyn
15. Somebody that I used to know- Gotye &Kimbra/Glee version (both awesome)
16. Not Alone- Darren Criss
17. Human- Darren Criss
18. Who you are- Jessie J 


Lion King was my favorite movie when I was a kid and 'Circle of Life' sums up how I see life and the world. I see it as a very profound and tounching song.

'Courage Is' means a lot to me as I try to live with courage and the lyrics of this are a good reminder of its power to keep us moving forward. Also it is mentioned in a fanfiction that I read ages ago and it fit so perfectly that I liked it right away and the more I listened to it the more I realized the significance for my own life.

'Brown eyed Girl' is a car trip song from my childhood. If my sister and best friend was with me on a trip this song would almost always come up at some point. So it has connections with summer, beaches, fun times and laughter.

'Morning Town Ride' and the Seekers in general are connected very strongly with my childhood and my memories of my Poppa (grandad) who always played music by this band when we visited. We would sing along to some of the songs together even though we werent great singers :)

Spice Girls and their first song 'Wannabe' represents so much about my childhood in the mid 90's and reminds me of parties, dancing, singing and dressing up to perform. I used to dress up with my sister and friends and we would put on shows for anyone.

Michael Jackson's songs in general are all amazing, but both 'Heal the World' and 'Black or White' are such powerful songs in their message of love, acceptance and care for the world and the people in it. I think his music has stayed connected with me as it was so prevalent during my childhood in the 90's and being able to see him in person when I was 9 years old had a big impact on me.

I am a real sucker for emotional stories and 'A Thousand Years' by Christina Perri epitomizes such a story for me. It is both a teaser and a promise of what true love could be like. The idea that possibly there is someone out there who I could connect with and who could love me beyond this lifetime. Who wouldn't fall for a story like that!! Also it is a song I have connected to a fanfiction that basically follows the idea of love over coming obstacles to allow two people to be together. Their love is so special that it is not just in this lifetime that they are to be together, but others, future and past, essentially it is destiny. This is truely my favorite story and really shows my true colors as an idealistic romantic.

Glee in general is an awesomely positive part of my life, but the guys that sing these songs on the show are absolutely amazing and I admire them so much. Chris Colfer who sang 'I want to hold your hand' is brilliant and this scene where he sings this to his ill dad just epitomizes their amazing relationship. This in turn reflects the awesome relationship I have with my Dad, he has supported and encouraged me through so much and this song represents that for me.

'Somewhere only we know' sung by Darren Criss is also incredibly beautiful. I love the reasons his character, Blaine, is singing this song and I guess it just pulls on the heart-strings of this hopeless romantic. Also I find that its lyrics about having a special place to get away to and just to be together and be yourselves together is pretty amazing in connecting as a song with my friends. Because when I am with my close friends I can be exactly who I am and not pretend. That is the greatest gift of any friendship, unconditional acceptance and love.

'We are Young' is such a catchy song and it has kind of become my anthem recently. It kind of reminds me not to take life too seriously and to hold on to my inner child. So I have embraced my old habits of singing at the top of my lungs when the mood takes me and occasionally having dessrt for dinner because I can. It is a song I love to sing along to with one of my friends and it is so great being able to share and bounce off each others enthusiasm and energy. 

Rock and Roll music was one of the first genres I was introduced to by my parents and so this song ('Lets twist again') epitomizes my early childhood memories of music and years afterwards where such music continued to have a connection with parties and fun.

Blackeyed peas represent my teen years and I have particularly always liked their first big hit, 'Where is the love?'.  It sums up how so many of the problems around us are because people don't care and turn a blind eye to all the fighting and poverty, suffering and violence. It made me want to do my best to show kindness and make a positive difference.

Welcome Home is a very sentimental song for me as it brings out a bit of my Kiwi (New Zealand) pride. It is written and perfrmed by a Kiwi artist Dave Dobbyn who s a bit of a legend. I love the spirit of this song, how it talks about generosity and having open hearts and arms for each other. I feel like it says a lot about the good side of Kiwi culture and the beautiful land that I am so proud to call home.

'Somebody that I used to know' is such a popular song and as a Kiwi it is so thrilling to know one of our young stars has been part of that success. Kimbra is from Hamilton where I am also from, so that is extra cool. It was extra special to see it performed on Glee and to have it done so well by Darren Criss and  Matt Bomer. It is a measure of a songs success in my opinion to have it performed on Glee.

'Not Alone' is an inspiring song from an amazing songwriter, I have a huge admiration for Darren Criss's music writing and acting etc (triple threat). It reminds me that there are always people who will support me and that if things are difficult at the moment they will get better. I really enjoy A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel. which are always a good pick me up. I have experienced personally the uplifting power of this song and have heard many others talk about the inspiration etc they get from this song and others like it.

'Human' is a quirky little song that jut reminds me not to take myself to seriously and not to beat myself up if I make a mistake. It is also a good reminder to see each other as equals and not to get caught up in hype or gossip but to get to know someone for who they really are.

'Who you are ' is an awesome song and has the same effect as Not Alone and Human, in that it gives me a reality check on life and to appreciate my talents and to work on my weaknesses so I can help others.

Prompt #16: Make something–anything–out of only what’s in your immediate vicinity

 I put together a random costume from the decorations I had on my wall and odd bits of stationery. You cant see it but I am wearing a bracelet made from paperclips with a heart charm.