Friday, December 21, 2012

A new day, a new beginning

Waking up this morning and seemingly having survived the "Mayan Apocalypse" I feel I have had a wake up call. It is time to start making some new goals and putting them into action. I find myself wanting to go out and collect rubbish and plant trees and save the planet in some way.....

It may seem a bit ridiculous to take on such a project, but it is something I know needs to be done. Having always been interested in the environment and nature in some way I have done small things to support projects working toward this aim but now I want to find a way to be more of a part of this work. Such a huge problem can only be managed by everyone doing as much as they can, and just like with the rest of my life I want to be part of the "everybody" in a positive way.

 Making a difference is not easy when almost everything we do in modern society has an environmental impact. This is totally reinforced and made worse by everything about the way our society makes us live. The marketing of products that you use a few times and throw away, plastic packaging, fossil fuels, chemical sprays......the list is long. It is a daunting prospect and one that is ultimately a bit depressing to think about. But as I sit looking out at a gorgeous vista of harbour, mountains and bushland it confirms for me both the rightness of this conviction and how much needs to be done.

I may feel like one voice alone right now and one who is not in the best physical position to go and save rainforests and free captive wild animals in all reality, but I know there are others out there who can do those things and more! So although I may be one voice right now, sitting at a desk in the early hours of the first day of a new era, I will use my voice to speak as loud and as long as I can on behalf of this place that we ultimately have taken for granted for so long, but which we call home, Earth!!