Monday, April 1, 2013

Slow down, take a seat

Our communities have always been the basis for our connections to one another,as a way for family units and individuals to be connected to a greater network of others. But these days for many people through necessity or circumstance there is an increased sense of isolation. This is one of the biggest determining factors in people's social and emotional well being (in my opinion). There is so much suspicion, fear, isolation and loneliness even in towns and cities where people live and work in such close physical proximity.

After living for seven years in a city I have gone through periods of time feeling very aware of how isolated I am, even amongst so many people coming and going in my life. It is only when two people can take the time or make the time to connect in some way that these feelings of isolation can be diminished.

Building these relationships and networks are generally challenging at the best of times, particularly for those disadvantaged or challenged by disability, physical or language barriers and distance. This is one of the reasons why as I've grown in my experiences and confidence I have come to fully appreciate the power of connection. Not just with those who would be a usual choice of social contact but even taking a second to share a smile or say hello to someone in passing. Having these moments with different people can be a very enlightening and enriching experience, as shown in the video above.

It is not likely that any of those individuals will see each other again but the potential (positive) impact of that brief meeting are infinite!

We need to go back to working and living in ways that recognize our mutual humanity. As cool as this experiment/tool is, this sort of behaviour should be the rule, not the exception. The world would be a more loving and connected place if we did.