Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tongue-tied:a poem

I wish that I could borrow a word or snatch a phrase from the mouths of those whose ability to turn a sound into a scene and confusion into clarity, flows with natural ease.

To catch a breath, that would allow the notes of a thousand silent divas or the ideas of 100 frustrated poets to spill forth from my clumsy tongue. 

The power and pent up emotion is caged and fettered by the limits of the space it has been granted 

Dreams of poetic passion and elegant eloquence are lacking to my own ears, as I strive, grasping and faltering to try to create the smooth magic of others words. 

Few realize the full force of a symphonies masterpiece if it is only played with one violin string. That is the gap that spans between my words and my voice . But if my tongue lacks subtlety or my voice lacks power 

I will find a way for you to feel my words, 

to feel me. 

I will repeat myself over and over until you do.