Monday, January 18, 2016

New years thoughts

I wrote the following piece some time ago, I actually have no real idea when, but I found it in an old journal. It seemed particularly relevant with all of the struggles and decisions going on around the world regarding what we are doing to nature and what in turn this is doing to us. We need to take off our shoes in the start of this new year and take some time to feel the earth and remember what sustains us. It's not a nice house and fancy car, it's the health and abundance of nature.

Losing sight
Lost sight of reality
 Wandering our concrete jungles obsessed with the numbers of the machine
Time, taxes, test scores…
Walls shut out the breeze
Roofs shut out the sky
But we shut out everything
When tomorrow is no different to our today
Merely existing, toiling and disconnected.
Damaging ourselves by shutting out the world,
Losing our roots that have sustained us
Rewind the clock, break down the walls
Remember the wisdom
And wonder of nature
Nature is life, we are part of life.
We are not meant to be cut off
Separation allows complacence, greed
And suspicion to grow.
Nurture and reconnect, our lives will flourish
As well the land and waters
If we care and protect them
As we do with false riches
And empty happiness now.
Today needs to be more than our tomorrow,
It needs to be the world’s future.