Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Finding a direction

As so often happens these days, it is my little sister who seems to inadvertently find videos or words or images that express things that have been on my heart or mind for some time, but I haven't always even been aware that they are waiting to be expressed.

We have both adored the music created by this talented performer, known as Passenger, but today it is the words and melody of this song he created that has provided a pathway through which my feelings and thoughts on Purpose and Love (positive regard/kindness/care etc) can be expressed.

It seems like the most natural thing to want to give love and receive love and to have people in our lives who we can depend on and be depended on in return. I guess that's one of the big reasons why people enter relationships and start families, it gives us a purpose in life, to have these bonds to maintain.

I feel like for a long time I struggled with this underlying purpose in life. I have never been interested in starting a family or been maternal in any way and the idea that we should be restricted to who we provide love, respect, concern and care for has for a long time seemed utterly ridiculous to me. It feels like, if we are driven to be connected and to love, why are we limiting ourselves? Why can't we look outside our little circle of people to share positive regard with humanity in a wider sense?

These questions, which remained in my subconscious mind for a long time, are probably why I felt like I should find a career in psychology, which changed to counseling, which changed to mentoring and advocacy. Each of these evolutions or redirecting of purpose has ultimately been in search of more freedom and greater opportunities to reach out to people and to leave a positive impression.

This is now my purpose. To love and care for people regardless of whether I know them or even like them. I want to spend the rest of my life, in whatever form it comes, helping people to have the happiest and most contented life they can. Everyone deserves to be loved in some way, whether it's shown in a smile or hug or good deed or a comforting conversation.

Being on Ellen's show would give me not only the once in a lifetime experience of meeting her and being in LA but also being able to reach millions of people in the space of five minutes. Who knows what sort of positive ripple effect that could have. Positive leads to more positive and what is more positive then love.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Help Tegan Meet Ellen gets underway

Meeting Ellen Degeneres is a huge dream in itself, but for me it is part of a wider plan. This campaign is aimed towards my ultimate vision of a once in a lifetime trip, which for me this experience would be. My ambition comes out of the desire to have at least tried to achieve all my life ambitions while I still can. I say this because the health condition that I have, Muscular Dystrophy, is one which will continue to deteriorate over time. Without wanting to seem dramatic this fact has given a sense of urgency to many of my plans in the past year or so, whether this is a sub-conscious drive or just the impatience of a mid 20's young woman, I don't know. But I do know that over my life time it has generally paid off to trust my instincts.

So, I'm diving into this idea and making plans with all my efforts and energy, combined with those of the people nearest and dearest to me.

The outline of my ambitious dream is that all our efforts on facebook, twitter, and youtube, combined with the personal approach of a parcel that will be sent to Ellen will eventually convince her and her producers to scoop us up and take us to LA (Los Angeles) and present me and my supporters to Ellen. Ultimately, I would not only like to meet her and get to talk with her, but I would also love to be a guest on her show. I hope my efforts and what I have to say would encourage others to pursue their own goals and adventures. In particular, I hope this message will reach young people, especially those with disabilities, who may question the possibilities that their life may offer with the restrictions of their condition.

My own disability means that I require a significant amount of physical assistance and support with every aspect of my life. For this reason I will be traveling with four others, so that the work load of assisting me can be shared. I'm creating a backup plan of travel arrangements if this amazing campaign doesn't get the results I'm hoping for, as I'm still totally determined, no matter what, to get to LA for a holiday.

As with all travel there are complexities and costs involved. Due to my disability and health needs, the costs and planning needed are greater than the average traveler's requirements. The long flight means that there would be major strain on my breathing and comfort, as I usually would spend my day supported in a chair that allows me to shift and adjust my seat to give extra space for my breathing and muscle comfort. To allow for this I need to travel in business class, as I also need to access power outlets when I sleep, because I use a breathing support machine. The level of support I require means I would have to have one of my travel companions with me, meaning these two tickets would be more than four times the cost of two economy tickets. This doesn't include the other expenses, such as accessible transport and accommodation, which often charge at a higher rate because of their specialized service.

Despite these challenges I'm determined to go ahead and use my stubbornness optimism and creativity along with the combined efforts of my support network to overcome the obstacles and reach my ultimate ambition.

Life is for living, and to kick ass.