Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hello Young One

It's okay to act like a child sometimes. In fact it's important not to forget our inner child. Remembering that part of ourselves can help us access so much creativity, hope and happiness that can get pushed aside when we let the pressures of being a "grown up" take over. Embrace your inner child once in a while and see where it leads you.

That inner child gives me some of the optimism and hope I need when I face obstacles. It is the part of me that encourages me to "just listen to one more Disney song", even though it's 12.10am and I know I have to get up early. But even with those moments of "bad" decisions, I rarely if ever regret it, because I enjoy that time and it makes me happy.

Listening to your inner child and not being afraid to roll in the autumn leaves or splash in puddles or laugh till your sides hurt is what I see as living life fully and with joy. I hope life doesn't ever succeed in blocking out the voice of my inner child and I hope I can look back on my life and say truthfully that the 5 year old me would have wanted to be proud.

I will always remember this quote when thinking of my younger self;
"Take the hand of your inner child, the small you, and guide him or her as you would your own son or daughter. Remind this child to look for love, strength and understanding inside you rather than in the projected fantasies around them. Look after this child inside of you, no one else can. Love yourself and don't forget to play."