Thursday, September 18, 2014

Storm Struck or Star Struck?

Have you ever experienced that point between waking and sleep where your conscious mind losses touch with reality and you would swear that you were in another time or place? This is a very bizarre sensation that I think can give insight into what’s occupying our subconscious, just as our dreams can.

Registering the flash of lightning and the loud crash of thunder rattled my sleeping mind and brought me to semi consciousness, to the point where I also registered that there was pouring rain. Usually this would just be a passing acknowledgement before dropping back into dreamland, but in this case it was different. There was a moment, I think before I had fully achieved consciousness where I clearly remember being shocked but thrilled that is was raining so heavily and justifying the fierceness of the lightning storm as being the product of the California desert climate. It was a moment of celebration as I thought the drought had broken and that this could be a very exciting night if the intensity of the storm continued. Opening my eyes a minute later I was confronted with the confusing unfamiliarity of a room that slowly registered in my mind as my own.

I was no longer in Los Angeles or its surrounds but back in my bed in little old Hamilton, New Zealand. This was both reassuring and disappointing as my sleep muddled mind could only register what Los Angeles was missing out on. Or perhaps it was my subconscious trying to tell me what I was missing after having just returned from two weeks of amazing experiences in Los Angeles and Anaheim. Fortunately or unfortunately my brief but profound return to consciousness didn’t last for more than the next couple of thunder crashes before I descended back into slumber.

When I woke this morning I was hit again by the memory of the storm experience and I was left with a sense of wistful reminiscence and strengthened determination to find a way to return to LA at some point in the future. It has clearly been a place with experiences and people who have left a mark on me and I will continue on with this added richness to my life and see where this crazy life takes me next. I am sure that the next few days and weeks will be filled with reminiscing and retelling of events to friends and family. I can only hope that the shine and freshness of these memories won’t dissolve into the shadowy recesses of my mind, as I want to keep the glow and excitement of that time with me always.

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  1. Hi Tegan, I look forward to sharing your wonderful memories about LA when we meet next time. The mind is a wonderful thing as it allows us to be in so many places at the same time. It also has a 'mind'of its own, hasn't it?
    My name is Chris and Gaby because I could only access the account through an old email address. But it's only me.